Admissions and Attendance


Admission Policy

All admissions to school are dealt with by the local authority. Further details can be found at:

Contact details for Bradford Admissions:

Members of the public can come to Margaret McMillan Tower to meet with Admissions staff with an appointment. If you attend without an appointment we cannot guarantee you will be seen and you may be asked to return on another day. You can book an appointment by ringing us on 01274 439200 on the following days and times:

Monday - 9.30am to 12.30pm
Tuesday - 1pm to 4pm
Wednesday - closed
Thursday - 1pm to 4pm
Friday - 9.30am to 12.30pm


Week days 8.30am to 5pm (8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays) : 01274 439200
Email :


Admission to school.

Children are admitted to Nursery the term after their third birthday and to Reception in the September of the school year in which they reach the age of five. 

 The admission criteria used by the LA applies to all children seeking a school place whatever the term of entry. The place offered will be held on condition that it is taken up within the same school year.

 Children attending the school’s nursery are not guaranteed a place in the Reception class and a separate application must be made.

Pupils with a statement of special educational needs

The admission of pupils with a statement of special educational need is dealt with by a separate procedure.  Such children will be admitted to the school named on the statement without reference to the oversubscription criteria of the LA.


Where the number of preferences for a school exceeds the number of places available, the LA will give priority to the children in the following categories:

  1. Children in Public Care (Looked After Children)
  2. Sisters and brothers of children living at the same address, who are at present on roll at the school and will still be attending the school at the time of admission (siblings).
  3. Other children.

When demand exceeds places in any of the above criteria, the distance between home and school, measured by a straight line, from the main entrance of the home to the main entrance of the school building will be used by the LA to decide who is given a place; those living nearest being given the available places.

The Role of the Local Authority

Applying for a school place in Reception

The LA deals with all admissions into Reception.

A letter and information booklet is sent to all children in maintained nursery settings in the Bradford District via the nursery / child care setting who is their main provider. This occurs in November and parents are asked to apply online via the council’s website.  Parents may list up to a maximum of three preferences for any combination of schools.

Places are allocated by the LA Admission Team and a pupil allocation list is sent to all schools at the end of the Spring Term prior to the September Reception admissions. The LA will write to each parent who has completed a common application form to inform them of the allocated school place.

Parents will then need to accept the place offered by completing and returning the tear-off slip which must be returned to the school.

The LA will maintain waiting lists for all community and voluntary controlled schools until the end of the Autumn Term.

  • In-Year Applications and Transfers – all admissions to school other than at the start of Reception

All In-Year Admission requests are co-ordinated by the LA. An ‘In-Year Common Application Form’ is available from either Ashlands school office or from the

Admissions Team

Margaret McMillan Tower

Princes Way



Alternatively the form can be downloaded from the Bradford School’s Online website: and must be returned to the Admission Team, who will allocate school places based on the criteria of the LA.

The Admission Team will liaise with school as to the availability of places for the appropriate year group and they will inform parents that a place has been offered and arrangements can then be made for the admission to take place.

  Mid-term transfer of a pupil

These take place sooner than the start of the next term if:

  1. the Headteacher of the current and receiving schools agree that it is in the best interests of the pupil that the transfer takes place sooner;
  2. the pupil has moved house to live more than three miles from the present school (pupils over eight years) and over two miles (pupils under eight years);
  3. pupil has been unable to transfer at the start of the term due to illness or for other reasons beyond the control of the parents;
  4. the admission is into Reception where a place becomes available from the waiting list during the autumn term;
  5. it has been determined that the admission of the pupil comes under the ‘Fair Access Protocol’;
  6. the admission is due to a successful appeal.

Details of the LA admission procedure and Fair Access Protocol can be obtained from the Admission Team.

The Role of the School

  • Applying for a place in Nursery

Children are able to join Ashlands Nursery once they have turned 3. Normally this is the term after their third birthday when they are eligible for free early year’s education provision, which is 15 statutory hours per week. Where your child has just missed the cut-off dates shown below please contact the school office.

At Ashlands this is delivered in the form of 5 sessions of 3 hours in length, either 9.00am – 12.00pm or 12.30pm – 3.30pm. The lunchtime, which is half an hour (12.00 to 12.30), is not statutory nursery education time but is child care time and must be paid for.

 Cut off dates for eligibility and free early years education provision are:

Autumn Term: your child must have turned 3 on or by 31st August.

Spring Term: your child must have turned 3 on or by 31st December.

Summer Term: your child must have turned 3 on or by 31st March.

 Children are normally admitted at the start of the term unless there are exceptional circumstances, for example the family have moved into the area.

 If you would like to be put on the Nursery Waiting List please contact the school office. Letters will be sent out, by post, during the term before the child is eligible to start to those children on the waiting list. Once the closing date has passed places will be allocated as per the Admissions Policy for Nursery. A full copy of this can be found on the school website under the nursery tab, Policies and Forms.

 If we are unable to accommodate your request we will contact you to discuss other options / availability.

  • Applying for a school place in Reception

 It is the school’s responsibility to distribute the application letters and ‘Applying for Primary School’ booklets that are sent to them from Bradford Admissions to all parents of children for whom Ashlands is their main provider, during the autumn term. Parents are encouraged to apply online for a school place. If parents are unable to do this they should contact the school office for assistance.These should also be given to any other parent who has expressed an interest in a Reception place and whose child is not attending the Nursery.

Our Open Mornings are arranged to coincide with the distribution of the application forms and parents are actively encouraged to attend so they can exercise preference.

It is also the school’s responsibility to ensure that a child, starting Nursery during the course of the year prior to them starting in Reception the following September, is given an application form to complete for returning to the Admission Team at the LA.

School will liaise with Admissions regarding the acceptance/decline of Reception places through the slips returned by parents.

The school will invite all children and their parents who have accepted a place at Ashlands into school on Transition Day which normally takes place at the end of June.  At this time the children familiarise themselves with their new class and teachers. Parents are also invited to attend a short workshop with the Headteacher.

Bradford LA deals with all admissions to Reception. Further details of the Admission Policy can be found on the school website under the policies tab, Admission Policy.  

  • In-Year Applications and Transfers

The school will inform the Admission Team of any changes to school year group/class numbers as and when these occur or at their request.

Bradford LA deals with all In-Year admissions and transfers. Further details of the Admission Policy can be found on the school website under the policies tab, Admission Policy.  

 The school welcomes prospective parents and children to visit the school and are shown round by the Headteacher if at all possible, or by another member of staff.

As part of our procedure for admission to school, new children are invited into school for a half day ‘taster’ session prior to the official start date. For children coming to school at the start of the next school year this ‘taster’ session will usually be on Transition Day.  The class teacher will allocate a ‘buddy’ to facilitate the transition into Ashlands and help familiarise the child with the school layout and routines.

Admission into school will normally take place two days after the ‘taster’ session.

The school will request both electronic and paper records from the child’s previous school.

After four weeks parents are invited into school to discuss with the class teacher settling in, progress and any issues that may have arisen.

 Transfer to Secondary School

 Children leave Ashlands to transfer to Secondary School at the end of the school year in which they have their eleventh birthday.  There is a good liaison at both Headteacher and Curriculum co-ordinator level between all schools in the Ilkley Partnership of Schools.  Staff work together closely to ensure the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is as smooth as possible.

 During the Autumn Term parents with children in Year 6 are offered the opportunity to visit local Secondary Schools before making their choice.

Bradford Education will send a letter and information booklet ‘Applying to Secondary School’ to all children in Year 6 at the beginning of the autumn term. This letter quotes a unique code (UID) for each child. Parents are encouraged to make their application to secondary school online. Where parents cannot make their application on-line they should contact the school office for assistance.

Places are allocated by Bradford Admissions who will write to each parent who has completed an application to inform them of the allocated school place.